Entities covered by HIPAA privacy rule and its consequences

Known as “Covered Entities” under The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), those covered by HIPAA privacy rule include organizations that are specifically mentioned under a list provided by the Secretary of the HHS (Health and Human Services) or those that fall under the banner of:

Health Care Providers – Covered entities who fall under HIPAA privacy rule are all those offering such services, irrespective of size, who engage in transmission of healthcare information in an electronic format or similar related transactions.

Health Plans – this group of covered entities includes those looking after group or individual plans by paying the cost of medical care for their members.  These fall under covered entities as they too hold and transmit clients’ medical records that are affected by the disclosure rules of HIPAA privacy rule.

Health Care clearinghouses – these particular entities have the task of transforming health care information that is received in a nonstandard format into a format that meets the required format, or vice versa.

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